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Treat yourself or a loved one to this perfect self-love gift set!  


Smudge your space and cleanse the energy that surrounds you with a bundle of White Sage....meditate to the scent of Yerba Santa, White Sage, Roses and Lavender loose incense...and finish it off soaking in a relaxing bath blend of salts, clay, essential oils and flowers!  


Includes 1 Wild+ Free White Sage bundle, 1oz Pack of Yerba Santa + Rose loose incense, 2 packs (1.5oz each) Harmony + Healing bath blend and 1 tumbled Rose Quartz Crystal.  



Self Love Gift Set

SKU: GB002
  • Wild + Free Sage Bundle: 6-7" White Sage and Dried Flowers 

    Harmony + Healing Bath: Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Kaolin Clay, Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, dried Rose Petals, dried Calendula Flowers, dried Rosemary, and dried Lavender Flowers.

    Yerba Santa + Rose loose incense:  Yerba Santa, White Sage, dried Rose Petals, and dried Lavender flowers.

    All ingredients listed are organic.   Our sage, flowers & petals are sourced from small farms in the US and are pesticide-free.

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